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LUXFactor Management is all about personal representation for anyone working in or around the entertainment, broadcast and film industries.  We represent clients who are based all over the world and their work is also global too. But it's the person and being personal to them that mattersWe strive to achieve that for all our clients every time. However, if we went to every show for all of our clients, we would never be in the office, and extremely jet lagged to boot! But we and they know that we are all immensely proud to represent them and their tremendous creative work.

LUXFactor Management specialises in ensuring its client needs are totally represented from the initial point of interest by the Producers through to the final day of production. You are never left to fend for yourself, and you always have a person not a computer voicemail to talk to any time of the day or night. 

Coming from the technical side and also from Theatre Management, we know what you need and how you feel - especially during the tech'period, so as you exit the Stage Door feeling disheveled on a cold dark winters eve. You can phone your agent and metaphorically cry on his shoulder. 

Everyone goes through questioning their work and a friendly smiling voice the other end is really all you need to be re-assured that you can do it! - and you can! Because you see, we are very choosey about who we take on, we interview more than we accept, and more importantly very proud that our clients stay with us too

Michael D. Finch is the sole agent for LUXFactor, (he also owns the entire LUXFactor Group) he's been there and done that, and probably invented the t-shirt for buying too!

LUXFactor Management co-ordinates your deals and offers all the way through from organising your schedule, diary, and even your lifestyle if you require it.  Honestly, nothing is too much or too big to consider, so, why not sit back and relax and let LUXFactor Management take the strain for you? 

The only way you will find out if we can help you is by contacting us.  We are not rude or unfriendly, and we don't slam the door in your face either!  Go on, give us a go... there are plenty that have, and plenty are happy too! Take a look at their 'folios in this section and see what amazingly creative stars these people are - and you'll never know if you've walked passed them in the street too (unlike the actors and broadcasters, who of course you'll notice straight away!)

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